Ashley Graham is the most criticized yet loved plus size model we have in the industry today.

The 30 year old has a successful career as a model.

Ashley Graham Plus Size Model

She has been featured on the cover of some high-profile magazines including Vogue and Glamour several times.

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Furthermore, she was also been a part of many Levis campaigns during her modeling tenure.

The girl has never accepted and work in accordance with the beauty standards set by the society.

In fact, we have always seen her defying the stereotypes by flaunting her curvaceous body with utmost grace and confidence!

On many counts, she has promoted body positivity and that we should embrace ourselves regardless of size.

There are many diet pills in Australia celebrities are taking to get lean body with curves.

The model has inspired countless of women and helped them create a sense of self-acceptance to survive in this demanding society.

What more can we say, the model-cum-designer has always loved her body image and so, Ashley Graham weight loss came across as a sheer surprise for her fans and critics!

Age: 30 years old.
Height: 5’9”
Current weight: 91 Kg.
Measurements: 42-30-46 inches.


Ashley Graham’s transformation, as said, shocked many people who heavily criticized her for losing the curves she once spoken in favor of.

Ashley graham weight loss photos

According to them, Ashley has been supporting body acceptance and hence, making a u-turn depicts that she is no different from others.

Many have been posting nasty comments on her Instagram account, while the model shares something related to her trainings and exercises.

Receiving constant negativity for her workouts has finally made her reciprocate and give her haters a befitting reply.

The model, using the same social media platform, Instagram, confronted why she trains her body- and it is not weight loss for sure!

According to the bold, plus size model, she has never trained her body to become size zero.

There are a plethora of reasons she workouts for. Amongst others are that she feels stress-free and good. She further believes that it helps her stay strong and active throughout the day.

Ashley has clearly stated that she does not exercise as an attempt to reduce her weight and look toned; in fact, she is contented and very much pleased with her size in general.

Indeed, Ashley’s outlook on exercising her body is worth admiring. Her love for fitness and determination to live healthy is really inspiring!


Ashley, as said, pays a heavy emphasis on her health. She prefers to feel healthy rather than looking skinny.

Ashley Graham Aerial workout

When we talk about Ashley Graham workout in particular, then many of you would be surprised to know that she loves kickboxing!

Kickboxing has a great impact on our physical and mental health.

Being particular with its physical health, the kind of workout heavily aids in building strength and is highly recommended for the increase in endurance.

Not just this, it supports in expelling body contaminants and toxins through excess sweating.

Besides, her workout also includes the following:

  • Weight lifting.
  • High intensity cardio.
  • Resistance training.

If you are a fan of Ashley and follow her on her social media accounts, you can swear to the intense nature of her trainings and her perseverance for it.


Well, no training and workout is likely to give you the best results if you have no control on your eating habits.

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Thankfully, Ashley is very particular about her diet and balanced nutrition.

Considering Ashley Graham weight, one would probably think that she overindulges herself, however, that is just not true. She eats healthy and always supports nutritional eating habits.

Her diet revolves around:

  • Nutrients filled wholesome foods.
  • Vegetable and fruit juices.
  • Quinoa bowls.
  • Vitamin filled green smoothies.

To ensure she gets a constant and healthy supply of energy, the model slots in the balanced quantity of carbs in her diet.

Ashley also confessed of taking her favorite foods like pizzas, when her temptations become uncontrollable.

Basically, Ashley believes that allowing herself to enjoy her cheat meals keeps her motivated and going.

In a nutshell, if we talk about Ashley Graham diet, we will notice that the girl likes to have food in moderation.

Many garcinia cambogia before and after results shows massive weight loss for the celebrities around the world.

She is not in favor of starving herself and limiting her favorite foods to the greatest. She takes healthy food and also enjoys her favorite meals from time to time.

That is, perhaps, Ashley’s secret to stay healthy and beautiful.


Ashley Graham before and after photos depict the healthy lifestyle she is following nowadays.

Ashley Graham ashley graham weight loss before and after photos

Indeed, loving yourself the way you are is important, yet, we cannot overlook our health and fitness.

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After all, the key to happiness is a good state of mind which is only possible through a healthy and active body!